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I'm a proud 80's kid, a lucky husband to a gorgeous gal, and a father of two beautiful daughters.


Growing up - my dream was to become a comic book artist. I spent my entire childhood drawing cartoons and household superheroes all over my parent's walls.  With that, I'd developed storyboard telling, visualizing interesting angles, and a great understanding of light.  After furthering my education at George Mason University with a background in graphic design, I was able to apply these methods and techniques to photography.


Photography has become a passion for me.  I spend almost all of my free time researching how I can be better.  A big part of my journey as a photographer is my partner in crime, my wife, Kat.  She has the ability to open up my mind and push me creatively.  Kat will make some special appearances when I need a women's touch such as setting up the visuals and handling the babies for a newborn session. 


​Throughout one's life, there are so many important milestones, chapters, and memories that are key to who we are and what we become.  Deciding who will bring your memories to life is one of your most important decisions.  I am truly grateful you have considered me.  My goal is to grow with you and be your photographer for life.​


Your friendly neighborhood photographer.

​- Andy Q. Bui

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